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What is a notarial translation?
A notarial translation is a translation that has been approved by a notary, confirming that the translation is correct and true to the original document.

May notaries provide notary services outside their office?
Notaries may provide notary services outside their office at the clients request. Our office provides notary services at the clients office or home.

What is a notarial signature approval? 
A signature approval by a notary confirms that the identification of the person signing a document was checked and approved by the notary in accordance with the law.

What is a certification of true copy?
Certification of a true copy is a certificate approving that a copy of a document is true and identical to the original document.

What is a notarized affidavit?
A notarized affidavit is an affidavit that has been signed and approved by an Israeli licensed notary.

What is an apostille?
An apostille is a certification issued by the legal authorities of a state certifying that a document issued by the state is official, authentic and issued by the legal authorities. An apostille also confirms the notary’s authority to approve notarial documents.

When and why do you need an apostille?
Certain foreign countries will require to have an apostille on specific public documents or notarial approvals.

What is a prenuptial agreement approval?
A prenuptial agreement is an agreement settling all matters of assets and finances between couples. A prenuptial agreement that has not been approved according to law is not valid and therefore is not enforceable. 

What are notarial wills and testaments?
Notarial wills and testaments are wills or testaments approved by a notary confirming that the will or testament has been read to the testator and that the testator declared as said in the will or testament.

What is a notarized a life certificate?
A notarized life certificate is a certificate confirming that a certain person is alive.

What is an Inventory certificate of approval?
An Inventory certificate of approval is a certificate approving that an inventory list is accurate and true.


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Hague convention

Countries that are parties of the Hague Convention

1. Austria
2. Australia
3. Ukraine
4. Azerbaijan
5. Italy
6. Iceland
7. Ireland
8. El Salvador
9. Albania
10. Andorra
11. Antigua
12. Estonia
13. Ecuador
14. Argentina  
15. Armenia   
16. USA
17. Bahamas
18. Bulgaria   
19. Bosnia
20. Botswana
21. Belarus   
22. Belgium   
23. Belize   
24. Barbados   
25. Brunei   
26. Great Britain
27. Georgia
28. Germany
29. Grenada   
30. Dominica   
31. Denmark   
32. South Africa
33. India
34. Netherlands
35. Hungary
36. Honduras   
37. Dominican Republic   
38. Vanuatu   
39. Venezuela   
40. Tonga   
41. Trinidad
42. Greece
43. Japan
44. Luxembourg   
45. Latvia   
46. Liberia   
47. Lithuania   
48. Liechtenstein   
49. Lesotho   
50. Mauritius   
51. Moldova   
52. Monaco
53. Mexico
54. Malawi   
55. Malta   
56. Macedonia
57. Marshal Islands
58. Norway
59. New Zeeland
60. Namibia   
61. Swaziland   
62. Surinam
63. St. Vincent 
64. St. Lucia
65. Seychelles   Islands
66. Slovenia
67. Slovakia
68. Samoa   
69. San Merino
70. Spain
71. Serbia
72. Poland
73. Portugal
74. Fiji   
75. Finland   
76. Panama
77. Czech Republic
78. France
79. Columbia
80. Korea
81. Kazakhstan
82. Cyprus   
83. Croatia   
84. Romania   
85. Russia
86. Sweden
87. Switzerland   
88. Turkey
89. SaoTome and Principe
90. St. Kitts and Nevis
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