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What is a notarial translation?
A notarial translation is a translation that has been approved by a notary, confirming that the translation is correct and true to the original document.

May notaries provide notary services outside their office?
Notaries may provide notary services outside their office at the clients request. Our office provides notary services at the clients office or home.

What is a notarial signature approval? 
A signature approval by a notary confirms that the identification of the person signing a document was checked and approved by the notary in accordance with the law.

What is a certification of true copy?
Certification of a true copy is a certificate approving that a copy of a document is true and identical to the original document.

What is a notarized affidavit?
A notarized affidavit is an affidavit that has been signed and approved by an Israeli licensed notary.

What is an apostille?
An apostille is a certification issued by the legal authorities of a state certifying that a document issued by the state is official, authentic and issued by the legal authorities. An apostille also confirms the notary’s authority to approve notarial documents.

When and why do you need an apostille?
Certain foreign countries will require to have an apostille on specific public documents or notarial approvals.

What is a prenuptial agreement approval?
A prenuptial agreement is an agreement settling all matters of assets and finances between couples. A prenuptial agreement that has not been approved according to law is not valid and therefore is not enforceable. 

What are notarial wills and testaments?
Notarial wills and testaments are wills or testaments approved by a notary confirming that the will or testament has been read to the testator and that the testator declared as said in the will or testament.

What is a notarized a life certificate?
A notarized life certificate is a certificate confirming that a certain person is alive.

What is an Inventory certificate of approval?
An Inventory certificate of approval is a certificate approving that an inventory list is accurate and true.


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Notarial translations

Notarial translations of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, high school diplomas, inheritance documents, writs etc.
Jodi Kremerman law offices and notary specializes in notarial translations.
Clients are most welcomed to visit our offices at Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitch St. (6th floor) P.O.B. 33111 Tel - Aviv 6133002. For our client’s convenience, notarial translation services may be obtained by sending the original documents to our offices by mail or courier. We will translate and notarize the documents and return them to the client's address or any other address in Israel or abroad in accordance with the client’s request.
Payments may be made by phone with credit cards.

Our law firm specializes in providing notarial translations of all documents such as:
Birth certificate translation, Death certificate translation, Marriage certificate translation, Divorce certificate translation, passport translation, academic degree translation, high school diploma translation, profession diploma translation, results sheet translation, honors diploma  translation, court rulings and verdict translation, rabbinical and family court rulings and verdict translation, will and testament translation, inheritance documents and writs translation,  confirmation of non criminal records translation, good conduct certificate translation, medical documents translation, power of attorney translation, complaint translation, affidavit translation, protocol translation, minutes translation, army discharge certificate translation, company documents translation, contract translation, agreement translation, prenuptial agreement translation, lease agreement translation, passport translation, identification card translation, drivers license translation etc.

Please note!  According to Israeli law, there are two types of notarial translations. 
1. Notarial approval regarding the truth and accuracy of the contents of the translation. This type of approval requires (according to Israeli law) that the notary is fluent in both languages. The language being translated from and the language being translated to.
2. Notarial approval regarding the translator’s declaration concerning the truth and accuracy of the contents of his/her translation.
The type of notarial translation needed is determined by the authority or institute requiring the translation. Therefore, before obtaining notarial translation services, please inquire what type of approval the authority or institute requires. By doing so you may save time and money.

Jodi Kremerman, Attorney at law and certified notary, specializes in providing notarial translations approving the truth and accuracy of the contents of translations from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English.

In case notarial translations are required in languages other then English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English such as French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech and Portuguese, Our firm provides notarial approval of translator’s declaration.
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